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Project Goal

Curriculum & Instruction

The Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) is a key part of House Bill 3, dedicated to recruiting, supporting, and retaining highly effective teachers in all schools. 

Garland ISD is currently in the application process and is in the process of developing a local teacher designation system that measures teacher effectiveness based, at a minimum, on both teacher observation and student growth data.

This course will provide and overview of TIA, the components of the Garland ISD implementation plan, observer calibration and next steps.

This course will cover chapters 5-7 of the Mentoring and Coaching Notebook.  It is the final session of mentor training.  

All Project Goal Mentors must attend Mentor Training 101 during the 2019-202 school year.  We are excited to offer a virtual version of this course that was developed by Lead4Ward.