View the video to sLearn how to use the Bloomz app to track behavior, send 1-way communication with parents, share class events, and media, arrange for parent volunteers, and more.

Are you tired of changing colors? Do you want an easier way to track behavior? Well, we have the tool for you! View the video to learn how to message parents and keep a blog of your kids that is safe and easy to use.

Classcraft is a tool to manage classrooms through gamification. We will discuss set up, experiences, tips, and features. This video addresses Classroom Management.

View the video to see a secondary look at classroom management with the iPad and website app Bloomz. We will also discuss classroom management using Google Classroom and Discovery Education.

Use Class DoJo to manage your classroom! Learn now to use the new voice meter, group maker, and think-pair-share! Everything you need in one app. This video addresses the Classroom Management ISTE Standard.

View the video below for a refresher/quick tutorial on digital tips and tricks for your classroom. Learn about apps that can be used for students as well as parent communication.

View the video below to learn to digitally manage your RCA houses to promote positive behaviors in your classroom, grade level, or entire school.

View the video to learn about the advantages of using digital textbooks versus a physical copy. Increased opportunities to differentiate the lesson by utilizing technology and making it more relevant to students will be discussed.

Are you tired of your boring, old color/behavior chart? Well, look no further! This is a great way to monitor behavior in the classroom and include your student's parents! We'll show you how to praise your students digitally for making smart choices as well as reinforce expectations and classroom rules. Class Dojo provides a digital, visual tool for your students and parents to see daily!.

Class Dojo is a prove classroom management tool, but their new stories feature takes this great app to a new level by allowing students to post pictures and video of their work, encouraging parents to stay involved with their child's learning and allowing teachers to have a visual record of student growth.