Learn more about the "activities" feature on Seesaw. This is best for teachers who are familiar with the basics of Seesaw and are wanting to learn more. This webinar addresses the Empowered Learner, Knowledge Constructor, and Creative Communicator ISTE Standard.
This webinar is an exciting look at the online art database, Artstor.

Have you ever experienced this - you need to be off campus but really need to be in class with your students? View the video for a quick and easy solution.

Blogging has never been easier! View the video to learn how to share the amazing student work that is going on in your classroom with the broader community using Seesaw Blog.

Learn how you can turn your classroom into an academically-focused escape room and facilitate games where players use teamwork and critical thinking to solve a series of challenging puzzles in order to open the locked box. This webinar addresses the Knowledge Constructor ISTE Standard.

What is this "Imagine Learning?" Is it JUST for our ESL population? What can it do for me and my students? Come listen to a brief overview of the wonders of Imagine Learning and what a versatile tool it can be for your classroom. This video addresses the Knowledge Constructor ISTE Standard.

Making learning fun and assessing your students by using Goose Chase App.

View the video to learn how to PebbleGo to introduce elementary students to the process of research.

Empower your students to independently document their learning and become a global collaborator. Seesaw provides an audience for students to interact with parents and/or the world. View the video to learn how.

View the video to learn how to use ConnectEd textbook to gain knowledge about the American Revolution, then researching American Revolution patriots with library Resources - Britannica Online and Image Quest. Students create trading cards on BigHugeLabs for presentation.