Listen as we find out ways to incorporate Skype into your classroom! Covered in this webinar are virtual field trips, Skype lessons, and mystery Skype. Help your students connect globally in many ways by tuning in.

Are your students introverts? View the video to learn how to allow your students to collaborate using multiple devices.

No interactive whiteboard? View the webinar to learn how this tool can turn your computer or iPad into a virtual whiteboard. Use BaiBoard3 to help your students collaborate with each other.

No login...check. Unlimited collaborators...check. Tired and true technology...check. View the video to learn about an interactive whiteboard that will change how your class collaborates.

Get your student to collaborate using the iBrainstorm app. View the video to learn how multiple students can use iPads to work together on a shared project.

Would you love to do a field trip with your students without having to leave your classroom? How about asking your students to build a collection of artifacts and paintings that represent a time period or theme? Do you love incorporating art and history into your lessons? Join us as we learn about all the paths Google Cultural Institute will take you down...

View the video to enhance your knowledge with the different ways to motivate your students to collaborate in the classroom using apps such as Baiboard, iBrainstorm, Padlet, and many more.

View the video to learn how students collaborate using Padlet to share videos, have silent discussions, and for peer-to-peer tutoring in class.

Help your students become creative communicators by expressing their ideas on a collaborative whiteboard. No student logins needed and unlimited number of collaborators. View the video to find out how.

View the video to learn how to incorporate Skype in the Classroom.